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Summary Convention Report

The full detailed report of the 1st Care This is the summary of the full report giving a quick overview of the 2020 Care Leavers Convention. To read the full report, click here. Please feel free to share in your network and help spread the word

Convention Report

The full detailed report of the 1st Care Leavers Convention held in 2020 captures in details the proceedings of the convention. Please feel free to share the report with stakeholders in your country/region.

Brief for Policy Makers

The Policy brief for Practitioners working with and for Care Leavers may find this relevant to improve their actual practice on the ground. The policy brief has been developed with inputs from the global care leavers community and is an attempt to listen to their direct voices in improving any work undertaken for and with them.

Brief for Practitioners

This is a brief intended to inform and influence Policy Making on Care Leaving. Informed by what we heard our care leavers say at the 1st Care Leavers Convention, this brief aims to assist policy makers globally to consider key elements while making anything for their care leavers.

International Care Leavers Conference to create global advocacy

The first-of-its-kind global forum registers the humanitarian, social and economic urgency of bolstering facilities for Care Leavers, a global generation of youth growing up without parental care.

For better aftercare of care leavers

A care leaver is an adult who as a child experienced care in a formal or informal alternative care setting, and were legally compelled to exit their care setting on attaining adulthood.

Oxfordshire Care Leaver Association try to raise £2,500

A CARE association is trying to raise £2500 to ensure they can deliver a personalised gift to over 100 young people who will not have their families around them this Christmas.

How Delhi-based Udayan Care helped over 30,000 children and women through its initiatives

Udayan Care helps children and women become an accountable part of the workforce through its educational and livelihood training programmes.

Portsmouth care leavers get support in adjusting to independent living

CARE leavers are getting support for stronger futures thanks to a new social care programme.

Casualties of a system in crisis: Young, Indigenous and forgotten after leaving out-of-home care

There are currently about 18,000 Indigenous children across Australia who are living in statutory out-of-home care (OOHC), having been removed from their families.

The Premier of Victoria, Australia Hon. Daniel Andrews

This global pandemic has dented too many young people’s optimism and ambition for the future which is more so in the case of Care Leavers. “Care Hubs” are created and “care packages” are given across the care system to provide tailored and individual support for children and their carers, preventing entry into residential care. 

Care leavers say they're struggling during lockdown

Care leavers across the UK have spoken about the challenges they face getting help during the coronavirus lockdown since usually they are estranged from relatives and don’t have common support networks of friends and families.

Care leavers at uni: 'I wish I had a family to go back home to'

The BBC's Ashley John-Baptiste, who grew up in care himself, meets two care leavers as they face the financial and emotional challenges of starting higher education.

A message to all Vice-Chancellors and Principals, Re: Provision for care-experienced, estranged and students remaining at University over the 2020 winter break

Care organisations like Become, Stand Alone, NNECL, Unite and Spectra had come together to issue an open letter to Vice- Chancellors and principals to highlight the importance of support for all students remaining at university over the festive period.

‘I find myself at the ‘care-cliff’: is the system failing care leavers by abruptly ending support at 25?

Care experienced consultant Thuy Ly-Chambers describes feeling "failed" by the care system after being “cut off and dismissed” during the pandemic upon turning 25 and how she plans to rise to the challenges and make the experience positive.

Government lays out plans to support Care Leavers

Mark Riddel, the national adviser of Care Leavers laid down a plan for Care Leavers in a report published by Department of Education detailing the support that Care Leavers should receive from councils in order to find work,education and traing.

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