Voices of Care Leavers

Create Foundation - This story of an Australian Care Leaver who explains how after leaving Care, the stigma follows them which hinder them from achieving their full potential.

SOS Ukraine Anna - Story which highlights the importance of moral, material and psychological support that are needed by Care Leavers

SOS Nepal Deepak - The video speaks about struggles of integrating in the society after leaving care.

Story of Siddharth - Skit / Play performed on stage on the topic of Care Leaving.

Listen to Yevhinnia speaking at UN - Highlights the plight of Care Leavers from war-torn countries.

SOS Sri Lanka Buddhi - Highlights the Challenges of Care Leavers During COVID

SOS Laos Sotseun - Talks about importance of skill building for children under care, so that they are self reliant when leaving care

Claudia - Social Worker from Austria talks about legislation to increase the age of Care Leaving

“Care leaver networks are like a safety net, where you can fall back and survive to see another day”
- Ruth Wacuka from Kenya

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