About Us

What is Global Care Leavers Community?

Global Care Leavers Community intends to act as a podium to aspire and connect Care Leavers and Care Leavers networks globally. The notion of peer support and connection evolved into the Global Care Leavers Community out of the First International Care Leavers Convention, 2020. The community facilitated a virtual stage for the care leavers to unite beyond the international borders.

The community aims to encourage active discussions, participatory forums, a well-connected net of care leavers community, and a collective voice echoing social inclusion and a secure future for the care leavers. This is a small effort towards what ought to become a global movement.

Why Global Care Leavers Community

Care leavers from across the world have unique life experiences yet similarities even though they live in different parts of the globe. To be heard and understood by others, to be acknowledged as someone who started life with disadvantage and yet succeeded to survive – they must empower and enlighten themselves towards a better future. Often these young care leavers face challenges on their own with no immediate support system to guide them with social support.

As part of the Global Care Leavers Community, knowing that you are not alone – means so much to these young adults. Global Care Leavers Community as a global forum aims to facilitate advocacy, exchange of knowledge and opportunities and create a safety net of belongingness. It is crucial that this community exists. We strive to connect, grow and echo the voices of young adults globally.

Global Working Group Partners

Care Leavers Association and Network (CLAN), Delhi
Generation Never Give Up (GNG), Sri Lanka
Latin American Network of Care Leavers
Zimbabwe Care Leavers Network (ZCLN)
SOS Children’s Villages
Udayan Care
University of Hildesheim – Germany