Virtual Care Leavers Cafe’


13:30 GMT


Last Sunday of Every Month

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“Through the passing years, active forums and platforms have taken a stage in vocalizing the aspiration of Care leavers globally. These forums took the lead in creating a safe niche for the Care Leavers to meet, share and explore opportunities beyond borders. With the culmination of the 1st International Care Leavers Convention, 2020 commenced the vision of Virtual Care Leavers Cafe.”

Initiated in 2021 January, the monthly Online Care Leavers Cafe aims at building a space for Care leavers to join and converse on different themes, subjects and opportunities. The virtual gathering gave them the freedom to express their views and build a sense of belongingness breaking the transnational barriers.

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“One bird cannot make the whole spring, we need to create the movement together as a whole. The Care Leaver Café is a good example where young adults come to talk, and to share issues collectively.”

“Cafe sessions prove very helpful in all means, whether it be learning about the condition of care leavers around the globe or being excited to get connected to a such huge global audience. It gives a feeling of extended family.”

“The cafe sessions provide a platform wherein all care leavers can put forward their problems and get solutions from fellow care leaver peers.”

“In the world of stigmatization and non-acceptance, Cafe sessions have proved to be a platform where care leavers are acknowledged with voice and opportunities. It gives me the courage to lift my voice and helped me get over my loneliness.”

“Cafe sessions have been a great platform for initiating different ideas, exchanging our life experiences and empowering and informing each other in all ways possible.”