Voice of Care Leavers

Care leavers find it much harder to get a job

The article chronicles personal experiences navigating employment challenges as a care leaver. It sheds light on the struggles faced during job applications, highlighting the initiatives taken by companies to hire care-experienced individuals. The author advocates for greater recognition of the skills and resilience of care leavers while addressing societal stigmas surrounding their experiences.

We Are Grieving

The article depicts an adoptee’s emotional struggles after discovering their adoption and the lack of support received. Stressing the need for continuous emotional support and open communication for adoptees, it underscores the importance of understanding and patience during their journey of self-discovery.

‘If it wasn’t for my foster carer I’d be in prison,’ says Swindon man

The news article emphasizes the impact of foster care on individuals like Peter Davies, who credits his foster carer for averting a troubled path. Davies urges more individuals in Swindon to consider fostering, highlighting the transformative potential in nurturing vulnerable children, urging for respect and understanding in their care.

Leaving Foster Care Left Me Homeless. I’m Not Alone.

The article sheds light on the challenging plight of care leavers, who face disproportionate homelessness rates upon leaving foster care due to the abrupt cut off of support services. The “care cliff” phenomenon exposes their struggle to secure housing and highlights the urgent need for extended assistance beyond the age of 18 in the UK and Ireland.

Vivian Dudley

The article highlights a youth’s journey from struggle to empowerment through community support from organizations like the YMCA and Foster Advocates, emphasizing the transformative impact of finding positive identity and community connections in overcoming systemic challenges faced by foster youth.

Kia Crist

The article shares a former foster youth’s struggles post-care, highlighting the need for foster parents and the system to listen and provide genuine care, not just minimal support, to foster youth navigating adulthood.

Audriana Clifton

The article shares the poignant journey of a former foster youth, emphasizing the flaws in the foster care system and advocating for reforms to safeguard and empower vulnerable children in care.

Akpene Mordzifa, Ghana

My second interview is with one of the care leavers passionately supporting care leavers, upcoming psychologist Akpene Mordzifa from Ghana. She is a wonderful, feisty, inspirational young woman and the conversation we had was a real eye-opener for me in many ways and also invoked gratitude for life.

Read further without delay to find out why.

Shankar Ishwar Pradhan – Gujarat India

In this conversation, read about the young careleaver from India, Shankar Ishwar Pradhan. His remarkable story and personality will leave a huge impression on our lives. The warm and openhearted conversation shared his strengths and perseverance. Whatever came his way, he never gave up! This open conversation by Shanku will inspire and encourage lots of young careleavers all over the world!